Saturday, April 22, 2017

Remnants Now Available for Nominations via Amazon - Kindle Scout

I was accepted into the Amazon Kindle Scout Program! This is really exciting, as it means I could get selected for a publishing contract with Amazon! And that means promotional opportunities and things I otherwise couldn’t get as easily as a fledgling author. It’s also a pretty good fit for me and the kind of writing I do now, while still working hard on my law career.

For the Scout program, they want to know you have a marketable book, so they ask you to collect votes before they decide to award you with the publishing contract. Since it’s through Amazon, you don’t have to sign up for anything extra outside your usual Amazon account, and voting is FREE. Also, if you vote and I get published, you get a FREE copy of the eBook when it’s published! So, I’m asking folks if they wouldn’t mind voting for my book on the Scout page:

Also, if you might consider copying & pasting the link to share on Facebook/Twitter/Your Blog/Your dog (… OK not really, though dog shirts are cool…), I’d be eternally grateful. This is a really good opportunity, so I appreciate your support.

IN ADDITION, if I do get selected for the publication opportunity, I receive a small advance. Some of it, I will be using to build up my author platform (a better website, for starters), but my intention is to take HALF of the net proceeds (i.e. after taxes) and donate to organizations I care about. I appreciate all the support I get to make my dreams come true, so I want to support others in their dreams and causes, too. So, after taxes, it’ll add up to about $200 per organization; and the places I’m giving to are:

  • ALIVE Rescue at (animal rescue in Chicago specializing in assisting dogs with canine influenza, which can often be a death sentence for dogs in shelters)
  •  National Novel Writing Month at (I’ve been working with them since 2007 to motivate and inspire new writers, and without them, I never would have written a book to begin with)
  • Locked Into Vacancy Entertainment at (an audio variety show in the style of old time radio, a number of my dearest friends are part of this company and I want to see them succeed)

I also wanted to mention another few folks who made this possible. The original idea for a dystopian take on Robin Hood came from the photo shoot designed and photographed via Steven Bourelle, whose incredible work can be found at - as well as Grayson Coleman-Selby, a talented Renaissance faire performer and worker who you can see LOTS MORE OF at 

Thank you again for your support!



  1. Everyone, adventurer or not, is drawn to a good Robin Hood style story, pulled in by the aroma of the few of or the one standing up to the many.You've got a cheerleader if the rest of Remnants is as good as the preview.

    1. Thank you so much! I look forward to exploring your works as well! Just a couple more days left in my campaign, excited to see how it pans out :-D