Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Posty-Posty Post-Post

I have a food problem.

When writing, I often will space out for a few minutes while trying to decide how to proceed with my current scene. I also use this time to eat something. My favorite way of stalling is going to the fridge, opening it and staring at the contents, then glancing over at the pantry, then back to the fridge...

To be honest, writing is sometimes boring. Don't get me wrong - I would rather be writing than doing just about anything else in the world. However, I'm not one of those fortunate, super-inspired individuals that have words pouring out of them like a waterfall at all times. No. I'm far too careful most of the time. So, when I stop to think, sometimes I get a little roadblocked, and my next source of inspiration usually involves something on a pita chip (I love the fact that I can buy Stacy's Naked Pita Chips), or cheese, or peanut butter, or things that are far less healthy than that.

I'm a compulsive boredom-eater. There, I said it.

I was this way in law school a lot too. I would be slogging through pages and pages of dense material, and I often found it was difficult to stay awake if I wasn't also munching on something at the same time. I tried to channel this into something healthy - e.g. instead of tortilla chips, carrot sticks! - but really, my tastebuds just won't fall for it. I once forced myself to study for an exam by eating a steady stream of wasabi-flavored almonds and craisins (alternating between the two, of course) over the course of 8 hours. I got a really great grade in the class. I also gained like 3 pounds. I try to save those episodes for times I really need a huge incentive to keep my butt in gear.

I suppose there is a plus - I'm much happier writing than anything else, so I don't depression-eat as much anymore (unless it's because I want to be writing and can't be...) Hopefully it balances out!

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