Monday, November 5, 2012

Oh Yeah! I Published a Book!

I'm doing this all kinds of backwards. I mean, really, I didn't have months of anticipatory build-up before my release date. I mainly just told people I know - "Hey! I'm releasing a book in a few weeks!" (that was back in August; it's now November; gosh am I glad I didn't post an official release date way back then). And last night, after going over my most recent proof, I was half-delerious from exhaustion, half-giddy from FINALLY being ready to pull the trigger, that I hit "Publish My Book" on CreateSpace... and then collapsed into bed.

I'm certain I'll do this right next time around. I will do a blog tour and host other writers on my blog that I manage to network with so I can be a good member of my community. I'll set an official "Release Date." I'll hire a real editor. I'll do some other awesome promotional stuff.

But this time around - I learned the Process. And it was really good. I feel about 75% smarter than I was in January and the bulk of that I learned since July. I have a realistic idea of time frames; I have a realistic idea of how much time I  have to designate to this project myself. I see what it takes; and I can't wait to take it on again. Bigger, better, and unplugged. (or something)

That said - I'm still insanely excited about this book. I'm excited that I've dipped my toe in the water; I'm excited to learn what I can do better next time - writing-wise, cover-design wise, everything-wise. But I'm also just excited that this fun little story has a place to go other than on my hard drive. I hope it is good for a smile, a relaxing little foray into another person's world for a few hours, and maybe even a little bit of inspiration.

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