Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The beginning.

Yesterday, a friend and I made a pact: 2012 is the year we are each going to self-publish one of our novels.

We've both been writing for a while now; we've participated in National Novel Writing Month each year for the past few years, going along for the great thrill ride that is knocking out a novel in 30 days. We've talked about getting our work published. But now more than ever is the time we can really make it happen - with so many resources out there, and motivating each other along the way, we can do this.

So here are the terms:

On June 8th, we each have to complete our drafts of our novels and have them ready to exchange. Why June 8th? Because it's Steph's birthday. It's also about 6 months from now, which is totally do-able, but mainly I think it's the birthday thing.

We will then read each others' novels; and then read them again; and then be brutally but lovingly honest with each other and submit our edits and suggestions. We may start that meeting with a good stiff drink and a list of why we love each other first; that's important.

And, finally, we will retreat to our respective corners, complete our own editing processes, and click the giant "self-publish" button in the sky (or on Amazon, or on Barnes & Noble, or both) by August 31st.

I'm sure we'll have much more to say as time progresses. But this is the beginning - the terms of the deal, and our first step towards being published authors.

Let's write!

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