Sunday, January 22, 2012

Ode to Coffee

Ode to Coffee
A tribute

My alarm clock doth ring
And out of bed I don't spring
For too early is it
Yet at my desk I must sit.

Still yawnin' and stretchin'
I make my way to the kitchen
To put things in motion
Brewing life's sweetest potion.

As I shower, I think
What awaits me to drink
So I soak and I scrub
Don't fall asleep in the tub!

Could I just stay awake
As my hair and face I make,
Do my clothes even match?
I might need a second batch.

Completed, I emerge
Oh morning, thou art my scourge!
But look, in the distance...
That which saves my existence!

Come sweetly to my lips,
Never mind the scalding drips.
I can face this new day
Sweet nectar, don't go away!

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