Friday, January 13, 2012

Just keep writing...

The last couple of days have been tough.

1) I am having a rough time at my day job, and it's starting to cut into my writing time. The primary problem is that we do not have a lot of systems in place. I am a very systematic person - I like lists, checkboxes, calendars, deadlines, etc. My current job is mainly about managing relationships - which, as many people know, doesn't lend itself to a checklist sort of system. Plus, I'm always worried that I'm forgetting something. Meaning that when I suddenly realize at 8:30 pm that I did forget something, I immediately stop writing and start working.

Just an FYI, working from home is great when you suddenly have a huge energy crash in the middle of the day and can use your lunch time to take a quick cat nap. It's not so great when you wake up at 2:30 in the morning and decide to work because you suddenly got a flash of anxiety that you forgot something.

2) I am still making myself write - even if it's just 2 or 3 sentences. It forces me to remember the world I'm creating and keep it foremost in my mind. If I didn't even do 2 or 3 sentences, I'd probably drift off, forget my characters' names, and then have to re-invent the wheel whenever I finally did manage to sit down and write again 2 months later.

3) I'm officially old. Well, not really, but I'm kind of creeped out. Today marks the beginning of my last year as a 20-something. Next year, I hit the big 3-0. Somehow, I always thought I'd be farther along in my life by now. I remember writing out plans in college to be retired by the age of 28 so I could enjoy life a little bit before I turned old ("old" being 35). Instead I'm sitting here wondering where the time went.

I can't even imagine having to do this and raise a kid at the same time! Many props to my partner in crime Stephanie for handling it so well... (she promised she'd post something here soon, I hope she chimes in, otherwise I'm going to have to play the "birthday" card and tell her she has to 'cuz the birthday girl says so...)

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